About the Club

Hello, and welcome to the Sailing Adventure Club! Headquartered in Worcester, Massachusetts, we are a group of passionate, knowledgeable sailors from around New England. Among us are lifelong sailors, new boaters, Sunfish builders, 420 owners, and dingy operators. If you have a passion (or even just an interest) in sailing, you’re in the right place.

In addition to hosting bi-monthly member events and outings, we want to be known as a resource for sailors worldwide. From getting the proper certification to understanding a boat’s impact on the environment, we will bring quality and salient information to you. Though our location-specific articles will be restricted to Massachusetts (we can’t, unfortunately, detail every type of boating license in the world), we will host a calendar of events and posts about sailing practice. No matter your age or level of skill, our Sailing Adventure Club should be your primary sailing resource.